Document Destruction
    ADVANCED SHRED!  utilizes a high powered industrial grinder system to provide a truly secure and cost effective alternative to other methods and sources of shredding.  
    Our most popular service includes:
  • secure shredding via pulverization 
  • flexible scheduling,
  • recycling of eligible materials
for more information about our methods & advantages please visit the Document Destruction page.

Computer Hard Drives remember everything.


ADVANCED SHRED!  physically destroys HDD and other types of data storage on tapes, DVD/CD, floppy

and more ...

Data Destruction services

Product Destruction
    ADVANCED SHRED!  regulary destroys material for medical, manufacturing, wine, legal and many other organizations and businesses.  Protect your brand name, corporate designs, privacy + comply with your industries regulations and rules.
Our experience and specialized equipment can provide you with the customized service you require.
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Destroying: medicine bottles, plastic wine glasses, wine labels,                      gift & phone cards, medical & industrial x-rays to name a few 

destroyed counterfeit merchandise


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